Sales Enablement for Senior Living

Learn to Engage Prospects. Convert Tours, and Sell Faster.

Buyers have more power than ever before. Research suggests most prospects now complete up to two-thirds of their research before contacting a vendor, making it harder than ever for sales to maintain control. To adapt to this change, your sales process needs to be aligned with the way your prospects buy and in a way they will love. If you’re interested in growing your business in a sustainable and repeatable way please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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The Core Inbound Sales Services

There's a lot that goes into setting up the inbound sales process. However once implemented these services can drastically improve the senior living sales process and make your communities much more efficient.


Visualize Prospect & Resident Data

  • Define Deal Stages and Custom Fields
  • Initial CRM Data Migration
  • Lead Routing to Sales Directors
  • Custom Reports for Executive Directors
  • Ongoing CRM Data Cleanup
CRM Implementation


Enhance Your Community’s Sales Process

  • Email Template Creation/Optimization
  • Sales Sequence Creation/Optimization
  • Sales Document Library
  • Case Study Creation
  • Implement Messages App
Sales Enablement


Align Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

  • Resident/Adult Child Personas
  • Define MQLs and SQLs
  • Define Lead Stages for Prospects
  • Booked Tour & Move-In Reporting
  • Establish Sales Content Plan
Sales & Marketing Alignment

MIT Study on Hubspot & Inbound Marketing - It Works!



Hubspot users saw 4.10x more website visitors in one year.



Hubspot users saw 3x more leads from their site within one year.



Hubspot users saw a 72% increase in revenue within one year.



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Align Your Sales and Marketing

Far too often, sales and marketing teams at senior living communities fail to work seamlessly together. While sales is focused on hitting occupancy rates, marketing is concerned with branding and image. Misalignment results in missed targets and poor results. Sales enablement enables you to utilize actual data to make both teams more effective.

Optimized Sales Content

Providing the appropriate content at the right time is critical for helping a prospect through their buyer’s journey. Using case studies, whitepapers, and sales automation tools we assist in making this journey as smooth as possible.

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Lead Generation

Using inbound marketing your sales staff can create a steady flow of qualified inbound leads. Gone are the days of having to prospect and cold call for hours on end. Lead generation and lead scoring is where sales and marketing meet.

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Lead Management

Imagine if your sales staff only got alerted when a lead was ready to book a tour? How much time could they save and allocate to other areas of the business? Lead management is the science of scoring and qualifying leads for your staff.

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CRM Implementation

Integrating a CRM is vital to calculating your cost per lead, cost per tour, and cost per move-in. With a CRM you’ll be able to track residents from their first interaction with your site all the way until they move-in.

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Lead Scoring

Tired of investing time following up with leads who aren’y qualified? Lead scoring allows your sales staff to prioritize leads based on criteria specific to your ideal resident profile. This frees up time for other sales tasks.

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ROI Reporting

Reporting on each level of the sales & marketing funnel is a huge benefit of sales enablement. With reporting your can clearly see which area of your sales and marketing process needs work and prioritize accordingly.

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